Gesheft.PRO News and Events (for history)

03 Nov 2018

We generate our tokens based on WAVE - see GCAA tokens on DEX and buy for support! It is NOT the ICO, we will use it as internal tokens.

07 Oct 2018

We started testing of faucet and games. Need more people but we don't have a free founds for it - all in trading, lol.

27 Aug 2018

Started a new project - Gesheft.PRO. It will be include faucet, PAMM programm, games and exchange service. We will use our own blockchain and tokens based on one of exist cryptocurrencies.

11 Jun 2018

Start work on new conception of project in micro-sprints and agile.

03 May 2018

Main people in project have a time and wish to reunion and make great again!

28 Feb 2018

We lose our domain. What a shame...

12 Aug 2017

Project paused - the team of project was busy on own projects and hardwork.

21 May 2017

All your payouts was make. We lost our Android Developer and start developing process of web-version of the BTC faucet.

05 Apr 2017

We have a problem with Google AdMob Adverting Program. Our account locked on 30 days. In the near future we will found solve of this problem and release new version APK. All earned satoshi will be paid as planned.

02 Apr 2017

Problems with reward payouts - Google lock some payouts and BTC rate is not good for us.

18 Mar 2017

Published APK ver. 0.0.1 release 21. Fixed three bugs from previus release.

05 Mar 2017

First publishing application for semi-closed testing with selected testers. Anybody can download application but only few peoples known about it. Continued to realize some features in application and server. Add staging server to maximize uptime of main servers (true way!), modified backup systems.

28 Feb 2017

Registered domain name for the MySatoshi Project.

07 Feb 2017

To command joined two engineers, from Russia and from China. Hardware migrated to Russia to minimize overhead and to increase price of click in Android Application. Started works to create simple web-site.

11 Jan 2017

Realeased base command support in server and client application. Started closed testing with real users.

29 Nov 2016

After litle disputs with some peoples the MySatoshi Project concept with server and client application started. Found two programmers which help with Android Studio and with general things. Was created local git repository for this project.

25 Nov 2016

Have an idea to make a BTC crane like Free Bitcoin and others but as mobile application.